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It contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and is profitable.

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What is moving the world
of packaging design?

Trends and other considerations to develop the best packaging for your products.
• Packaging will evoke more and more emotions and experiences. The novelties are closely related to the positioning strategies of each product and the needs of the consumer.
• We will find smart, interesting, and convenient packaging. Small, portable, and individual formats will continue to gain ground in new categories.
• Concern for the environment will continue to grow. The high recyclability of the packaging will achieve added value.
• Children continue to demand packaging with bright, cheerful colors, in which their characters or fashion drawings gain prominence, even greater than that of the brand itself.
• People are attracted to ergonomic packaging that reflects dynamism and their lifestyle.
• Thanks to anthropomorphic and anthropometric studies, we will find sophisticated packaging for certain market niches, as is the case for athletes, with designs with special grip areas that can be opened without using the hands.
• Universal designs. Created to include people with motor and/or sensory disabilities and reach the widest possible audience, beyond the needs and abilities of an average healthy adult.
• Fun packaging for differentiated products. Labels with diverse applications such as promotional, security and functional elements.
• Seasonal designs and limited editions; to maintain a changing presence on the shelves and give an innovative and a dynamic image.

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Our methodology

To design a package, you must take into account the product for which the package is designed. The company’s recommendations must be followed carefully and certain aspects must be valued when designing a good package.

Commercial aspects of the company: target audience, distribution channels, background in the marketing of similar products, etc.

Aspects related to distribution: type of storage, warehouse management, destination points, transport used, etc.

Company image.

Legal aspects.

“If it looks so Good on the Outside, It'll Make You Feel Good Inside”


95% of the purchase decision is due to visual attraction since the most powerful sense is visa.

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