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Our methodology is based on the philosophy of Plato.
“What has no name is what does not exist or should not exist”

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Creation of Names or Verbal Identity.

Naming is the set of techniques used to name things, the purpose of naming is to create a brand, object or service name. It is a very important part of a brand development project.

In a naming project, the starting point is an abstract concept or idea from which we generate an image and finally apply a name to it, which causes us to somehow pick up or catch something that was previously unstable.

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How to carry out a Naming project?

At Luis ROC we consider valuable attributes that a name should have.
When undertaking a naming project, we must consider a series of aspects.


It supposes simplicity, facilitates its memory and pronunciation. It allows visual impact in small spaces.


The name of a company, brand or product must have a pleasant sound, euphony represents the aesthetic value of verbal identity, a short, simple and euphonious name is always pleasing to the ear.


It greatly ensures the circulation of the name, the easiest names to pronounce are those that are composed of balanced vowels and strong consonants.


It is linked to being original, being associated with the concept of the product or service, being brief and easy to pronounce.


In the middle of the extremes, current and extravagant it is easier for a name to be successful, a current name can be original in an unusual context, an abstract verbal mark or extracted from current language can be perfectly suggestive, even without being descriptive .


A name must be exclusive, singular and extraordinary, that there is no other equal in its sector of activity.


concept of product, service or company that represents, the positioning or strategic implementation plan, the target audience. Sometimes there is difficulty in obtaining it and fantasy names with great attention value or short names that are endowed with a strong personal component are used.


The name must be able to allow us to expand our activity in other cultures and territories without major problems, it must be multicultural and with an international vocation.


In a context in which we can change our life habits and obtain great benefits, our name must promote change. You need to be brave and proactive. Brand names should have positive connotations (especially descriptive names). Our name should bring us closer to a high state of mind, by using our brand our life can improve.

Legal availability

Brand names must be able to be registered to be used legally and to be able to represent us in the appropriate organizations and administrations. Also, of course, to prevent outsiders from using our brand.

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