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Keywords Research

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What is a Keyword Research Study?

When people need to find a product or service on the Internet, they perform different types of searches to obtain more complete information before making a purchase decision.
All this volume of searches are used by various platforms to compile very large databases, which contain all the terms, questions and terms related to the query that people make.
At Luis ROC we use these specialized platforms to know exactly what and how your potential customers are looking for your products or services? The analyzed information allows us to create intelligent website structures focused on what your users are looking for.

Types of Keywords or Keywords

There are many types of keywords which are directly related to the search intent of users. Knowing what exactly are the terms that your potential customers use to search for information or purchase products can help you better structure your website, and therefore, increase the number of prospects or sales.
Some of the most common keyword types are:

Informative Keywords
These types of words are intended to provide information about a product or service to your customers. However, there is no purchase intention on the part of the user, for example, a search such as “dog breeds”, can generate traffic, but not potential customers to your site.

Transactional Keywords
When users are in the phase of evaluating purchase options for products or services, they use this type of keyword to obtain more specific information. For example, they can search for “sales of buying a Labrador retriever.” As can be seen, the user is already thinking of acquiring a dog and would like to know the advantages of a particular breed. If your website is optimized to appear for these types of searches, you will have more qualified traffic to your website.

Long Tail Keywords
Long-tail keywords are very specific terms that users use to find information. In general, these types of words have a lower monthly search volume than the general keyword, however they generate more qualified visits. For example, the term “Labrador retriever dog” may have 5 thousand monthly searches, and the term “buy Labrador retriever puppy online” may have 50 searches, but it is obvious that the latter are more qualified.

In-Depth Keyword Studies

At Luis ROC we offer a very complete Keyword Research service. To carry them out, we evaluate your competitors, the structure of their site and the contents, we identify which are the Key Words of opportunity for your site. With this information we propose an architecture for your website, as well as a content strategy to position various terms.
With this we make sure that your site is well optimized at the OnPage level and can be positioned in Google in the medium and long term.

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