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Search Engine Optimization Consulting

SEO is the process of steps to follow to achieve web positioning.

For starters, SEO or search engine optimization focuses on increasing the visibility of websites in search engines, that is, when browsing and searching for a product or service in Google, Yahoo !, Bing or any other search engine, its Website occupies the first results and stays above all your competitors. Increase visitor traffic, increase the conversion rate and maximize the ROI (return on investment).


Being in the top of results is the key to success in digital marketing. However, it is not an easy process if a plan is not carried out to gain visitor traffic, for this, it is important to complement this service with the study of searches and results, also nowadays the SEO has been transformed and diversified in the following points.

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SEO is the process of steps to follow to achieve web positioning.

The rules of SEO are constantly evolving and change or modify algorithms approximately 600 times a year, which means that you must maintain a program that helps to optimize and improve the site constantly.

Search engine optimization or SEO are the rules and / or steps to be followed through good practices optimizing the website to improve the results and ranking in the search engines making it easier to use and easier to navigate each website.

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Search Engine Optimization:

Studies have shown that the first 5 results are the most important for users and have a snippet that has the correct information, “the snippet” is the information that comes under the link that appears in the web results.


The order of the results in a Google search is based on a series of algorithms that take into account several factors.

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Variables within SEO to improve results

Technical SEO

The technical SEO is related to the configuration of your website, unlike the content that modifies, improves and potentiates the structure of the website.

On-Page SEO

This element is more content-focused, provides search engines with ways to understand their content, and adjusts and improves the usability of the site.

SEO Off-Site

More commonly known as link building, off-site SEO corresponds to growing the number of links pointing to the website from other points that have good authority and reputation and are related to your industry or business.

Local SEO

(Search engine optimization) helps because it locates you and geolocates giving you a face inside the maps, generates national, regional or local scope, besides it is complemented with content and feedback from users with reviews.

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SEO Results

In this section for privacy and ethics, we can not disclose which brands we work for or what products we manage, but we can guarantee that our clients are very satisfied with the results and achieving results with greater exposure, visibility, traffic, and sales.

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