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Marketplace Development

A Marketplace is a web platform that allows, in a simple and convenient way, to buy and sell items on the internet. Through a Marketplace platform, the supplier users can publish the articles or services they wish to sell, while the buyers can search for the products or services they wish to purchase. In other words, a Marketplace is an ecommerce platform that allows you to sell both products and services online.

Thanks to the enormous flexibility and applications that Marketplace platforms offer, many companies have begun to implement their activity in the electronic world using web portals to disseminate information primarily about your company and its products.

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What is a custom Marketplace?

The custom Marketplace is one that is designed to suit the user, the company and their way of working. That is, seeks to satisfy all needs and adapt as best as possible to what a company needs. If you are starting in e-commerce, we can help you develop your personalized marketplace according to the market you want to address.

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Who should be interested in developing a Marketplace?

People who are starting out in electronic commerce are very interested since it is evolving by leaps and bounds every day, due to advances in the Internet infrastructure and the increase in the use of smart devices. It is estimated that in the year 2018 50% of the benefits of electronic commerce will come from smartphones.

If until now it was enough to have a website for online sales, now it is important to be present and active in the platforms and devices that are being used to make those virtual purchases. For people who have their own e-commerce store, being in a marketplace is a very interesting option, it is an excellent way to submit their products to a market test.

The Marketplace will dominate the market since even the brands or stores with an online presence will look for these groups to enter new markets or strengthen their presence, traffic, relevance, and sales volume.
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Advantages of the Marketplace

There are numerous reasons to sell products in the Marketplaces. In fact, this can be a good distribution channel.

Easy Comparison for the User

They represent a very complete sales channel. Even so, you must have a competitive advantage in terms of product range, price and other key factors. In this way, you have that point in favor of the user: that you can more easily compare products with similar characteristics.

Secure Payments & Deliveries

The platform also guarantees the payment to the seller and assures the buyer of the delivery. The system “anti-fraud” that manages the platform, allows favoring a climate of confidence in transactions. This climate of trust has a high level of customer satisfaction for the existing quality criteria.

Cost Savings

The marketplace puts the infrastructure and charges a monthly fee and/or a commission for each sale.

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Payment Management

Customers pay, in most cases, directly to the marketplace that will then pay their sellers. Save bank costs

Online Visibility

A business of this type also allows a merchant to have strong visibility online since the products are accessible to the sight of millions of visitors.

SEO Ranking

On the other hand, the positioning of the platforms in the search engines is highly optimized, it will give even more visibility.

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