Nos especializamos en los desarrollos de marcas. Nuestro trabajo incluye servicios de logotipo, naming, branding, empaque y mucho más.
Dejamos aquí algunos de los trabajos anteriores que nos han parecido interesante para compartir con ustedes.

Keyword Research & Benchmarking Studies

Keyword Research & Online Benchmarking Studies

Studies are as important in this field as they are in medical studies, you can not know what you need if we do not conduct a study that determines how the competition is composed:



Domain Age


Website Depth


Web Architecture



Otimized Code


Mobile Responsiveness

Social Cues & Footprints


Among other Factors

To know what opportunities and channels exist to enter the market, compete a category, word, region, language and others that the study will allow us to detect and help to develop the strategy.

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Keyword Research Studies

Search Volume & Amazon Competition

Selling online within the main platforms requires understanding all the variables that exist in the configuration of the store and how to register and this depends on the strengths of the company to know if it is better as a seller or as a seller.

Another important factor is to study against those who compete for category, subcategory, and product, analyze the existing opportunities for niche words to attract potential customers and strengthen the profile.

Just like on the web, you can not sell without understanding a study that determines the following:
Results in X Category

(Ranking of the best sellers on Amazon) is an indicator of how well a product is selling.

Niche Words

Words that people search related to the search word

Searches by Product by Category

It gives us the related results and we can understand the competition for prices, profit margins, number of sellers, Amazon costs for handling, rank, weight, type of vendor and a lot of additional information that will allow us to know which will be the best strategy to use.

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