Nos especializamos en los desarrollos de marcas. Nuestro trabajo incluye servicios de logotipo, naming, branding, empaque y mucho más.
Dejamos aquí algunos de los trabajos anteriores que nos han parecido interesante para compartir con ustedes.

Cambio de Imagen para Marca: El Venado Foods

A packaging and distribution company of spices and food products in Houston Texas, this company asked us to develop the design for a label of a new product that would be called Doña Chela to prepare micheladas and sell it in self-service and wholesale.

We met with them to understand, know and review what would be the target market, the point of sale and distribution channels to see what would be the image strategy and then start to start and present a custom design.

The target market was the Hispanics who live and buy in self-service and mainly in the michoacana meat market, a chain of self-service in Texas that has more than 140 branches, so we designed a logo to represent a person named Doña Chela. based on how is the person selling micheladas in the markets of Mexico.

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Proyecto: E-commerce

American Company

Redesign of logo and labels, development of logo and labels for new product

Purchase of domain

Website development

Search and research of words for SEO and content

Payment gateway integration

Development of POP material

Local SEO

In addition to working on brand development, we also designed and printed promotional materials such as posters, displays, danglers, among others.
After developing the label we proposed to work on a new logo for the deer and they accepted as long as the deer was real and not a drawing, and we retained the yellow color in the identity, so we worked showing a different deer, strong, young and with firm antlers.

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We work on the new identity to integrate it into new packaging and labels, stationery, uniforms, and transport fleet.

“Today the brand continues to grow.”

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