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Corporate Image Consulting

The Importance of Corporate Image

The corporate image is the DNA of your company and gives presenance to an absent reality, through the pieces of communication and / or elements that are designed what is known as the Corporate Image is constructed.


Today, the corporate identity already includes digital aspects in addition to the traditional ones such as logo, stationery, marketing materials, signage, uniforms, etc. In the digital world you have to take into account icons, banners, signatures and other additional materials to the website and social networks.


Maintaining a consistent corporate image is vital if you want to show that your business is serious and professional. Keep a particular palette of colors and fonts, a consistent positioning of your logo and use the same tone in your printed and online materials, all this will help improve your professional positioning.

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Benefits of having a Corporate Image:

A company that invests in their corporate image is communicating that they are here to stay. Send a message that the company is serious about being successful. This gives the client a feeling of confidence.


The corporate image gives your clients and prospective clients an idea of the culture and personality of your business.


When your company manages a consistent image, you ensure that your business will be recognized and remembered. It is a long-term investment, since it will serve you when you expand your business either in the form of franchises or when you want to put offices or stores in another city or country.


A uniform corporate image becomes instantly recognizable among your target audience.


A strong corporate image can increase that both your customers and future customers remember you and can even become the competitive advantage of a company.

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Difference between the corporate image and the brand identity

The corporate image is the physical aspect of your brand, the brand identity is the way in which the company wants consumers to see it. This could incorporate a specific personality (for example, fun) or values (such as honesty) and also the characteristics and benefits of your brand’s products or services. It is worth mentioning that brand identity must naturally incorporate the culture, goals and objectives of the company.


The brand image is how the consumer perceives and interprets your brand. It may not necessarily be the same as the corporate image. A customer can recognize the logo of a brand that can instantly evoke a sense of security and confidence. A good example is Volvo – when you see your logo, you know instantly that you are buying a quality car.


Maintaining consistency in your corporate image is essential because it reinforces the brand identity in any medium with which the customer has contact with your business. Therefore, it is important to consider all contact points, such as social networks, newsletters, emails, sales brochures and other materials that you use.

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