Nos especializamos en los desarrollos de marcas. Nuestro trabajo incluye servicios de logotipo, naming, branding, empaque y mucho más.
Dejamos aquí algunos de los trabajos anteriores que nos han parecido interesante para compartir con ustedes.

Business Development: Aquos One LLC

This company came from Mexico to start operations in renting residential filters in a special area within Houston Texas as a first step, and they ask us to make a quote for the project that was originally named aquosweb.com, so we made the recommendations to optimize the website they already had and we presented a digital strategy for social networks, local SEO and google search campaign.

Cotiza Ahora
Project: filters for rent for residential use with 2 variants.

Mexican businessman

Change of name of Aquos Web to Aquos Filters

Purchase of domain

Adaptation of logo

Website development Search and research of words for SEO and content.

Development of system for recurring charges

Integration of payment gateway

Integration of system for signing of online contracts

Photo shooting

Creating content for blogs

Development of 2 videos 1by product

Development of material for social networks

Development of POP material

Advertising campaign on Facebook

Advertising campaign in Google Adwords

Local SEO

The first thing we recommend was to do a study of direct searches and related to your service to detect what people really look for, how you look for it and what questions you ask as well as identify the competition, after this we recommend buying another domain that will help you to have a better reception of the message since aquosweb does not say that it is not that it sells and we change by aquosfilters.com which tells us in a clear and direct way what products the client is offering, we work with them the legal part in the web with a company specialized to protect both the customer and the consumer and follow the rules necessary to operate and sell online, which many sites do not have and are at risk of a problem by not declaring and letting users know if you use cookies, analytics, advertising, where you advertise, return policies, disclaimers, etc. In addition to this, we integrated the site with a schedule that allowed rent, sign a contract, accept and schedule your installation, recurring payments and connect the information with accounting database Quickbooks to keep a fiscal record and a CRM to track the leads.

We work on a content strategy for Social Networks and develop videos for promotional campaigns within social networks.


In the part of the SEO, we work something very important and it is the appearance in maps that give certainty and confidence to the people when being in the main directories and maps of the area.


To begin, we advertise campaigns in Google for search of keywords and Display to appear in pages of consultation and information, in Facebook and Instagram we work on the development of post and paid publications focused on specific audiences for each product.


Today the brand continues to grow.

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