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Development and Web Design

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The first step in creating an online
presence is to have a website.

An effective and functional website can completely change the game. Through our web design services we create functional sites with architecture and SEO strategy, addressing each and every one of the necessary aspects, from content, integrations, plugins and conversion tools or mechanisms.

In Luis ROC, our approach to website development uses data and analytics to dig deeper into your users’ behavior and make incremental improvements based on their needs. This helps you not only know what users are doing on your page, but also adjusts based on increasing conversion rate and performance over time.

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Our methodology:

We carry out a digital audit where we establish points for improvement and make our proposal adjusted to solutions.

We execute this process through five phases:

This step is often the most difficult to understand, since the sole purpose of doing it is to define the information flows and hierarchies in the property.
This stage is of the utmost importance, since this is where we begin to capture part of the sales funnel, the initial configuration of the site and the way in which everything will flow.

This stage helps us define colors, shapes, fonts, interactivity, and everything related to the visual appearance that your property will have at the end of the process.

At this stage we transform the design base into a functional website, using the latest industry standards and ensuring that the optimization of the property is the most careful step.

Our testing team visualizes different scenarios on different devices to ensure that the entire site works correctly. At this stage it is possible that your own company team can join the process as part of the site tests.

This stage is where we send your website to its final home, that is, the servers. Going back to the house analogy: this is the stage where you basically put your furniture in the moving truck and go to your new home.

Why work with Luis ROC?

We have more than 22 years of experience helping companies from different sectors to become a benchmark in their industries through digital marketing strategies.

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