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Corporate Identity

Positioning your brand in consumer’s mind.

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What is corporate identity?

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Corporate identity is essential to the success of your brand, regardless of company size or industry. The corporate identity represents the essential and visual elements that make up the company. A clear definition of this pattern of behavior is essential so that the client, partners, and collaborators know what to expect from the company. It often happens in companies that have a speech, but in practice they act in the opposite direction, losing the trust of the public.

Creating the corporate identity of your brand:

Taking into account the existing daily practices in the company will avoid problems, such as the lack of synchronization between proposal and execution.

The most relevant subjective factors that we take into account are:


An efficient proposal must be distinguished from those of the competition and attract the attention of the public due to the exclusivity of the performance.


The contradictions between discourse and practice are a risk that we already mentioned, being so, the identity must preserve the characteristics of the company and the way it acts


Not only create a brand concept, but also be parallel with what the public is looking for with the company.


From a solid elaboration of the three previous elements, the company will have more opportunities to solidify a positive image among its target audience. Reputation does not come instantly; it must be built over time.

Within our Identity services we include all these aspects to guarantee that your brand is consolidated on the Internet and achieves the goals that you set for yourself.

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Methodology of our Corporate Identity services

At Luis ROC, we offer you our Corporate Identity services, knowledge, and experience to face the process of developing and designing your company’s brand or managing it. For the process we bet on:

Brand’s History
Each person develops their own identity based on their life story. With companies it could not be different.
-A company can only adopt a certain discourse if it makes sense according to its history –
By identifying and not creating the fundamental motivations of the brand, the identity of the company will be built little by little and in harmony with the message emitted.

Visual Identity
The visual identity is a fundamental aspect of the company, since the visual and design resources are the ones that will represent the message that you want to convey.
Among the elements that make up the visual part, the following stand out:
• Logo: It is the symbol created or adopted that visually represents the values of the company.

• Color palette: It is not only the color of the logo, for example, but also the colors and tones that will be used in all the company’s materials, be it graphic material, online or even in the physical structure of the business.

• Typography: It consists of the fonts that will be used, it is common to select only one font, but it should be considered if it is visually clear to be used in printed materials, digital and in different colors.

Target audiences
The identity of a company must consider the target audience it wants to reach, it also influences the coherence of the message and the construction of reputation.

It is related to the vision, mission, and values of the company. This aspect will be essential to direct actions in different areas of the company. It can be more formal, according to the profile of the company, or lean towards informality.

It will be adopted, not only in advertising materials, but in all business communication.

Digital Brand Strategy
The digital environment is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to generate digital brand strategies. We help you establish a strategy taking advantage of the technological tools provided by the online channel.

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