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Amazon Search Studio

Surely you have heard of Setup which is translated as organization, configuration or arrangement of Amazon & eBay platforms. It is a tool of operating systems and software. It allows users to make a lot of configurations according to their needs.

The programs have some kind of Setup, thanks to these you can adapt the software to your hardware and configure everything to the use of the computer tool. The main functions of the Setup are:
Main Option: Option to change the time and date. Motherboard information (the name of the computer), among others.
Identification Option: Displays the number of the IDE of the computer and the ones used. Display the number of sata port of the computer and the ones used.
Boot option: You can set the system order to search for operating systems within the devices.
Security Option: You can enable the password to modify, enter and boot Setup on the computer.
Advanced Configuration Option: You can change and verify the processor configuration data.

We know the importance of configuring each ecommerce platform to improve the selling experience. Our Amazon & eBay setup agency sets up all these necessary specifications on your accounts so that they remain up and running. Your customers will feel comfortable buying your products because of the shopping experience and security you provide.

Data Research & Benchmarking Studies Online

Studies are as important in this field as they are in medical studies, you can’t know what you need if you don’t conduct a study to determine how the competition is composed:

+ Authority

+ Relevance

+ Domain Age

+ Urls

+ Site Depth

+ Backlinks

+ Web Architecture

+ Rankings

+ Records

+ Optimized Code

+ Usability

+ Mobile Responsiveness

+ Social Footprints

+ Reviews

+ Among other factors

Knowing what opportunities and channels exist to enter the market, compete in a category, word, region, language and others that the study will allow us to detect and help us develop the strategy.

Search Volume and Competition on Amazon

Selling online within the main platforms requires understanding all the variables that exist in the store configuration and how to register and this depends on the strengths of the company to know if it is better as a seller or as a seller.

Another important factor is to study against those competing for the category, subcategory and product, analyze the existing opportunities of niche words to attract potential customers and strengthen the profile.

As on the web, you can’t sell without understanding a study that determines the following:

Results in X Category.

(Amazon Best Sellers Ranking) is an indicator of how well a product is selling.

Niche Words

Words that people search for related to the search word.

Product Searches by Category

It gives us the related results and we can understand the competition by price, profit margins, number of sellers, Amazon handling costs, rank, weight, type of supplier and a lot of additional information that will allow us to know what will be the best strategy to use.

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