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How eBay works: specifications and benefits

How eBay works: specifications and benefits
This e-commerce platform has three modes of operation. We will tell you how eBay Auction works. A product is offered with a base price and a certain time is established where the interested parties must offer. At the end of this period, whoever offered the highest price will be the one who keeps the product.
Another modality is Buy it now, in which a product is displayed, and a price is set, if the buyer agrees with it, makes the payment, and acquires the product. A third way to sell on eBay is through Classified Ads. A product is published with its characteristics and a price is established. This is exposed until there is an interested buyer and offer. In all modalities, a commission is paid to eBay, proportional to the sale price.
Some advantages offered by eBay are logistical facilities, payment methods, interaction with other sellers. It is a platform that generates traffic and allows you to customize your offers. It offers security and positioning to buyers and sellers.
We invite you to continue reading the article and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of eBay!

Types of sellers on eBay
There are two types of sellers on eBay US: the individual seller, who gets a basic subscription with access to the basic store option and some services offered by the company. The professional seller or company has a subscription with extensive benefits such as marketing tools and market research, discounts on commissions based on the massive sales generated, custom store design.

How to sell on eBay if you are a brand?
When you decide to enter the eBay platform already having a moderately positioned brand, it is recommended that you register as a company. The operation of eBay has benefits that will be more useful to you. A variety of tools that will allow you to have a greater reach, marketing management, commission discounts, among others.

What does it mean to sell on eBay?
eBay’s only function is to publish the content without intervening in the negotiation process. However, it has regulations for optimal operation. The mission of the company is that users who want to buy eBay feel trust and security in their transactions, which is why it is a commitment and a responsibility assumed by the seller.

What aspects should you consider to sell on eBay?
To sell or buy on eBay you must consider that it is an international platform where you will get a lot of competition. It is important to evaluate what type of product or article you are going to offer and what will be the best seller modality that you should take. Look at how much sales you register and its projection to evaluate if the investment is proportional to your profits.

How do you get paid on eBay?
eBay does not accept cash transactions, nor payments such as Western Union or sending money by mail. Each seller sets the way in which they receive payments, always adjusted to the portal’s regulations. eBay has different types of payment, among which are checks, money orders, bank transfers, credit cards, and the most common way is through PayPal.

Important factors to sell on eBay
To ensure that our sales are growing, we must consider some factors to sell on eBay. Important for the buyer’s experience to be satisfactory. Among them we can mention the following:
• Take care of having a good reputation. Rating that depends on the opinion of the buyer.
• Exhibit your articles and products with good photographs and detailed and quality descriptions so that it is as faithful as possible to what you offer.
• Apply SEO in your publications to position them.
• Have fluid and honest communication with the buyer that makes him feel safe and confident.
• Offer variety in forms of payment.

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