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How does Amazon Work?

How does Amazon Work?
We can describe Amazon as one of the largest and most successful ecommerce platforms today. It has a history of several years in which it has stood out for optimizing electronic commerce. It started as an online store to sell books and its offer has diversified without equal. It has pioneered payment systems, shipments, transaction tracking, and trade and return policies. You want to know more? Let’s see how Amazon works.
1. Types of vendors.
2. How to sell or resell products?
2.1. How to sell if you are a brand?
2.2. What does it mean to sell on Amazon?
23. What should you take into consideration to sell on Amazon?
2.4. How do you get paid on Amazon?
3. Important items to sell on Amazon.

Types of vendors

This platform has a registration system for two types of sellers:
• Vendor: It is the one that sells its products directly to Amazon, making this platform act as a distributor. The products can be of your own brand or of others, if you have sales rights.
• Seller: It is known as a seller who uses the Amazon site as a sales platform. You can sell products of your brand or others, where you have rights as a seller.

How to sell or resell products?

Amazon’s procedures regarding how to sell or resell products are standard:
1. It is decided what will be sold.
2. Create an account and sign into Seller Central.
3. Create the list of products.
4. Upload quality photos of the product.
5. Give you a competitive price.
6. Ship the products at your own expense or have Amazon arrange it.
7. Receive the income.

How to sell if you are a brand?
The steps to follow to sell a brand on Amazon are:
• Choose a good product.
• You must find a quality manufacturer at a good price.
• Have a good image on Amazon.
• Invest in quality advertising.
• Create a definitive roadmap with the help of professionals in the field.

What does it mean to sell on Amazon?

Using the Amazon platform has many advantages, one of which is that it creates the possibility of higher sales due to the number of users the site has. There is also the ease of obtaining new customers. And today millions of people prefer to buy products through Marketplaces such as this interface.

What should you consider selling on Amazon?

Keep in mind that when you create an Amazon seller account, you create a unique account for the company since it is prohibited to have multiple accounts for a single seller. Offer clear and detailed information to users about the brand’s sales policies, thus creating trust with them.
Keep in mind that the return policy must be beneficial for customers so that the brand continues to get customers for its advantages. To do this, you can consult the “Customer Service” section, at the bottom you can get more information on the subject.

How do you get paid on Amazon?

You have to keep in mind that Amazon does not charge until before the package is shipped, so it is essential to make sure that they have the stock. The card’s credit is not frozen until the product is shipped.

Most important items to sell on Amazon
To sell you must have the following requirements:
• Have a telephone line in that country.
• Have residence in one of the 102 accepted countries.
• Be of legal age.
• Be the holder of a bank account that receives payments via the Internet in any of the 64 accepted countries.


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