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Google penalties, what are they and how to avoid them?

Google penalties, what are they and how to avoid them?
In the virtual universe, websites work according to rules established by Google. You are providing users with the best query options by providing them with sites that contain reliable and quality content. For a web page to position itself in the first search places, it makes use of tools that are duly regulated. But when they are broken, they cause a penalty from Google.
There are two types of penalty: Algorithmic, which works automatically. When Google algorithms detect plagiarism, excessive advertising, disparity between the title and the content of a page. And the manual penalty, which happens when Google staff find actions on a website that violate the rules. In this case, the webmaster is informed by email about the penalty so that he can reverse the failure.
In the task of positioning your website and optimizing it for SEO, it is extremely important that you hire the help of experts. You should focus on having the experience and knowledge that will avoid those annoying Google SEO penalties.
We invite you to continue reading to learn more about Google penalties!
1. What are the penalties in Google SEO?
2. How do they affect and why do they do it?
2.1. Types of algorithms that measure errors.
3. Most common mistakes when doing SEO.
3.1. How to remove the penalties?

What are Google’s SEO penalties?
When we make excessive use of these techniques, we realize the competitive approach with which we manage our site. Google demands a balance between the content of a web page and its optimization through SEO.
Google penalties are applied according to the seriousness of the fault. The most common are to minimize the rank of your page, the quality. Lower your position in the search engine, which can be from 30 positions lower to 950 positions and as the most serious sanction is to eliminate you from its database.
How do they affect and why do they do it?
The positioning of a website is closely related to its SEO and SEM and conditioned by the quality of its content. Penalties in Google make you lose all the effort you have made to position yourself. It takes away your visibility, reduces the quality of your page and even removes you from the system. This will be reflected in the positioning, in the loss of traffic, conversions, decrease in profits and loss of the investment that you have made.
Everything has a reason. These Google penalties seek to regulate all digital content and to guarantee each user a pleasant browsing experience. That access to content is facilitated and that it is attracted in such a way that it spends enough time connected enjoying your information. SEO experts know which way to go and will be able to help you.

Types of algorithm that measure errors
An algorithm is a formula that allows Google to rank the position your website will have in the search engine. This algorithm works through other algorithms that refine this classification. The most important are the Panda, which is responsible for quality content, and the Penguin, which looks for false links that are not related to the content of the page.

Most common mistakes when doing SEO
The most common mistakes when doing SEO are:
• Duplicate or low-quality content.
• Excessive use of keywords.
• Not optimizing the content of the site to be light.
• Have a too long url.
• Place links that are not related to the content.
• Use the same tags throughout the page.

How to remove the penalties?
If you have been penalized by Google and you know the reason, you should start making the necessary changes. Prove to Google that you’ve fixed the bug. To know the details of the penalty, you can use the Search Console tool. Through it you will be able to know what changes to make to free yourself from the penalty, but this is a process that will take several days. SEO experts will help you remove the penalties.
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